How to get the local mac address?

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Thu Dec 15 15:19:02 CET 2005

On 2005-12-15, bonono at <bonono at> wrote:

>>>>>>Why should you want to associate a MAC address with a socket? Each
>>>>>>interface has an IP address, and it's that you should be using.
>>>>>Say for example I want to find out the MAC if a particular interface in
>>>>When you are asked "why would you want to do something" it isn't
>>>>normally considered sufficient to reply "suppose I want to do
>>>>something". I'm still trying to find out what use case (apart from
>>>>curiosity) drives this need to know.
>>> That is nothing but curiosity of why there is no such thing. I didn't
>>> start a thread with "what the xyz@!% hell that I cannot get MAC address
>>> through the socket module".
>>> And I answer things the way I want to, if it does fit your expected
>>> answer, there is nothing I can do. I am not here to convince you.
>> Temper, temper.
> you can read my temper from what I write ?

If not, then you should be more careful what you write.

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