Bitching about the documentation...

rurpy at rurpy at
Mon Dec 5 06:50:39 CET 2005

Peter Hansen wrote:
> rurpy at wrote:
> > skip at wrote:
> > Are we talking about the same Search box (at the top right of the
> > wiki page, and labeled "search"?  Well, yes  I did enter "sort" and
> > got (as I said) a long list of archived maillist postings.
> No, he's talking about the *wiki* search box, not the one in the extreme
> upper right which is for the whole site.  Scan down just a tad... it's
> got a yellow background here (in Firefox).
> Admittedly not at all obvious, especially sitting next to the "Login"
> link and looking like maybe a text field for a user name or something,
> though it does clearly have the word "Search" in it until you click
> there...

It certainly did fool me.  :-(

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