Wingide is a beautiful application

gene tani gene.tani at
Sun Dec 18 22:17:14 CET 2005

Claudio Grondi wrote:
> Apparently Vim syntax highlighting analyses only the code it has already
> 'seen' within the editing window. This is not what I expect from a
> mature editor.
> I have stopped here, because I found this problem after three seconds of
> using it, so imagine how much other problems will become apparent after
> using it three hours, right?
> Vim similar as Wing has no [View] menu entry one can use for changing
> the text appearance in any reasonable Windows program, so the ancient
> Unix/Linux is still there with the system font as default setting for
> displaying text... It looks as I were in a DOS box, not in a text editor
> on Windows.
> Loading a 100 MByte large file into this editor which pretends to be
> able to edit files of any size results in an Error.
> I was not able to find how to do rectangular select/paste and there was
> no code folding for Python script code available.

well, i'm not going to convince you but:

- Edit / Select font will let you choose font face / bold/italc and
- i have edited very large logfiles, CSVs etc in vim under linux and
FreeBSD, can't remember file sizes
- you probably do have to mess with .vimrc or get python.vim to get ti
the way you want, look here or searcht his newsgroup:

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