build curiosities of svn head (on WinXP)

David Murmann david.murmann at
Mon Dec 26 22:43:26 CET 2005

Tim Peters schrieb:
> [David Murmann]
> ...
>>> second, the build order in "pcbuild.sln" for elementtree seems to be
>>> wrong, nant tried to build elementtree before pythoncore (which failed).
>>> i fixed this by building elementtree separately.
> [Steve Holden]
>> Yes, the elementtree module is a new arrival for 3.5, so the build may
>> not yet be perfectly specified. This is useful information.
> I just checked in a fix for that.  Thanks!

this works for me, thanks for the quick patch!

>>> ... and i could reproduce the expected failure (ATM) of the regression
>>> test suite:
> Note that all tests pass on Windows as of Sunday (in release and debug
> builds, with and without -O).

here i have problems. some tests fail more or less randomly.
after some testing, i found that it seems to be related to
the parsing of float literals in python code (wild guess).
for example, test_pow failed giving me this traceback:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:\develop\cygwin\usr\local\src\python\python\trunk\lib\test\
", line 109, in test_bug705231
    eq(pow(a, 1.23e167), 1.0)
AssertionError: -1.0 != 1.0

this seems very strange to me, as i get this on the interactive
>>> pow(-1.0, 1.23e167)

another example is test_colorsys. this test hangs, because it
uses "frange(0.0, 1.0, 0.2)" (which does, what it looks like),
but the 0.2 is somehow read as 0.0 resulting in an infinite

i have no clue whether these failures are related to my build
environment or something in the python codebase (or the weather?).
all tests passed when building with gcc from cygwin btw. i will
try building 2.4.2 with nant later and see what that does...

i am lost at the moment, David.

PS: maybe i should note: i built python without _bsddb and without
_tcl but i don't think this should be causing problems.

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