Robotics and parallel ports

c d saunter christopher.saunter at
Sat Dec 17 17:21:39 CET 2005

Isaac T Alston (sleepingeliminator at wrote:
: Thanks for everyone's tips and hints. I WILL MAKE THIS WORK! I think I'll
: take your advice and use the serial port instead of the parallel port - I
: won't have that much data to send (in comparison with, for example,
: industrial level applications). As for on-board chips though, does this
: require low level programming!? Or can I have an embedded python
: interpreter for the chip? 

Hi Isaac,
	You might be interested in PyMite - 
although I don't know much (anythin? :-) about it.

For on board control there are some tiny embedded computers out there that can run 
Linux etc. (and hence Python) these days - e.g. see or you could use a much simpler 
processor such as a PIC to implement a simple serial port to dgital and analogue IO 

Either way, plent to do :-)


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