ActivePython and Amara

Jay JMailone at
Fri Dec 16 17:48:01 EST 2005

sigh... i keep telling you guys im not a newbie, its just that i had a
question about that module... But, i understand i may sound like a noob
because i was asking for detailed questions instead of the broad ones
that you guys were giving me... but i would not like to be considered a
noob around here and definatly not a master, just sort of in-between.
Because i have dont some work with python for a couple years (plus im
in school so i dont get much time to program).... Thx for the link and
im not being defensive i just dont want to be called something that im
not when i spent some time learning python. Like i said b4, i didnt
know nothing about that certain *module*... 

but have a great day...

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