RoR like (was : SPE 0.8.1.b Python IDE...)

Xavier Morel xavier.morel at
Thu Dec 15 15:33:04 EST 2005

Adrian Holovaty wrote:
> bruno at modulix wrote:
>> RoR is not an IDE, it's a web framework. The closest things in Python
>> are TurboGears (good Ajax/js support via Mochikit), Subway (never
>> tested), and Django (no Ajax support AFAIK).
> Note that "no Ajax support" is misleading. Of course you can use Ajax
> with Django, just as you can use it with *any* Web framework. That's
> because Ajax is a browser-side technology (JavaScript), not a
> server-side technology (Python). Django is just as capable of producing
> JavaScript as it is of producing (X)HTML or whatever else.
> Hope that clears things up!
> Adrian

The so-called Ajax, standing for Asynchronous Javascript + XML is NOT a 
"browser-side technology", it's a bunch of technologies used together in 
a client-server environment.

If you only use Javascript without communicating with any server, you're 
not using the so-called Ajax, you're merely using Javascript (not that 
it's a bad thing, mind you).

Please refer to the article that started the hype 
for more insight about what Ajax is (or is supposed to be).

An ajax-integrating framework would therefore be a framework that could 
generate both the client-side javascript and the server-side variations 
of the resources that can be called, retrieved and used by the client in 
a seamless and transparent way.

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