python coding contest

Tim Hochberg tim.hochberg at
Wed Dec 28 03:45:49 CET 2005

Christian Tismer wrote:

> And then help me to setup a different contest about content -- chris

As usual, I expect that actually having some working code measuring 
'Pythonic' length (and I'm sure we could get into all sorts of fun 
arguments about the exact definition of that) would go a long way 
towards convincing the next contest thrower who's measuring length to 
use something a little less distorting than program length.

I've been thinking about writing something, but I've been distracted. 
Perhaps I'll take a stab at it tomorrow and see what I come up with.

That being said, the result I've come up with for the contest are pretty 
cool in a perverse way, at least while there it's spread out over six 
lines. Once it gets folded up, it become unbearable. And, sadly, it only 
saves 3 characters. If one was ignoring leading and trailing whitespace 
the unfolded version would be the much shorter of the two, but ya gotta 
play with the rules as they is.


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