Making immutable instances

Mike Meyer mwm at
Thu Dec 1 18:34:12 CET 2005

bonono at writes:
> Mike Meyer wrote:
>> bonono at writes:
>> > Quoting the frequently used term "Practicality beats purity". If I have
>> > a practical problem/needs now and it solves it, why not use it ?
>> In other words, you have a use case. Cool. Please tell us what it is -
>> at least if it's better than "I think that's bad style."
> Huh ? I said that if I need "immutable instance", I won't hestiate to
> use __slot__, I didn't say I have a need.

A need implies a use case. Yes, you didn't say you had one, you said
if, and I jumpted the gun.

Lots of people seem to want immutable instances. Nobody seems to have
a use case for them.

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