Extending Python with C++

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Dec 29 20:39:36 CET 2005

jeremito wrote:
> Oops, sorry.  My question is, how can I know if my Python interpreter
> was lined by C++?

Ah. This documentation fragment is somewhat wrong: it depends on the
target operating system and compiler whether you have to link main
with a C++ compiler. For many modern systems, this isn't necessary.

Anyway, finding out whether the executable was linked with a C++
compiler is only possible with platform-dependent tools. For example,
on Linux and many Unix systems, ldd(1) will tell you whether a C++
library was linked into the binary; do 'ldd python'.

> The non-specific questions are, of course, does
> anyone have any hints or suggestions?

You should really understand the concept of 'extern "C"' in C++.
That's all you need to know write Python extensions in C++.


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