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Lawrence Oluyede raims at
Wed Dec 14 15:03:45 CET 2005

Il 2005-12-14, Daniel Crespo <dcrespo at> ha scritto:
> PyGTK is crossplatform, that's true, but it looks very ugly under
> Windows and don't know under MacOS (if it's supported). 

You can use themes. Under MacOSX you have to install X11, but a native
version in on the way.

> I couldn't find
> the way for get it running with an atractive look & feel under Windows
> after compiling it. Also, it needs the GTK+ Runtime Environment. I use
> wxPython and it is very very very very good. It's not perfect, but IMO,
> it is much better than PyGTK. PyGTK is good if you intend to develop
> for Linux.

So wxPython doesn't need a runtime? I don't think so.  wxPython for me
sucks under Linux (built on gtk2) and I don't like its API at all. It
seems a bit awkward to me. Anyway... what do you mean with "much better" ?

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