How to get the extension of a filename from the path

gene tani gene.tani at
Thu Dec 8 13:26:02 CET 2005

Lad wrote:
> Hello,
> what is a way to get the the extension of  a filename from the path?
> E.g., on my XP windows the path can be
> C:\Pictures\MyDocs\test.txt
> and I would like to get
> the the extension of  the filename, that is here
> txt
> I would like that to work on Linux also
> Thank you for  help
> L.

minor footnote: windows paths can be raw strings for os.path.split(),
or you can escape "/"
 tho Tom's examp indicates unescaped, non-raw string works with

import os.path
# winpath='C:\\Pictures\\MyDocs\\test.txt'
print "path: %s   ;;;;;  fname and ext: %s"%(fpath, fname_ext)
print ext

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