python24.dll and encodings ?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Wed Dec 14 20:35:28 CET 2005

Bugs wrote:
> Thanks Martin!  As the python24.dll now contains modules and codecs that
> weren't linked into the DLL before 2.4 and as we now need a PEP to have
> them split out again, I assume there was a PEP to have them included for
> 2.4?  Can you point me to that PEP so I can evaluate writing a new PEP
> to reverse it?

There was no PEP. The current policy is "the maintainer of the Windows
port does whatever he considers the best thing". The previous maintainer
(Tim Peters) said this about the state of affairs in 2003:

I offered a policy in:

Thomas Heller proposed an explicit list in

When I became maintainer of the Windows port, I made this policy:
everything should be included in pythonxy.dll, unless it requires
a library not included with the Python distribution.

I can't find a message where I communicated this policy at that time,
but I commented on the rationale several times since, e.g. in


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