Python is incredible!

Tolga tolgacavdar at
Mon Dec 12 22:53:42 CET 2005

I cannot remember where was it, but I saw a sentence in the Internet:
"When programming, programmers spend more time for reading than
writing". This is definitely true. We don't only read others' code but
we also read our code again and again and again. Thus, a language which
is easier to read can make the programmer very comfortable. I read many
statements that "Python is a clean language". Now, I see what means

By the way, Python IDEs are so nice and powerful. I have downloaded
Komodo and WingIDE and I've found them amazing! Of course, Lisp has
also very good IDEs but even just these two Python IDEs can attract
people to Python. Hmm, or shall I crack them? Gosh, no, no, this is
illegal ;-)

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