"Humane" programmer interfaces

kpd kevin.dahlhausen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 16:26:14 CET 2005

list[-1] maps very well to my mental concept of list.  To me  'List'
brings to mind a bunch of things in a line.  It's intuitive to count
forward  or backward.

Ruby's 'last'  doesn't map as well for me because I don't think of the
list as having an attribute of 'last.'

Java just annoys me because I can never remember if it is 'size',
'length' or something else.  Similarly, Java's conversion operators -
string to int or back - are something I am *always* referring to as
they just don't fit my mental model.

I agree with Kent, it's so subjective, but I've also found that Python
hits the right level.

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