an intriguing wifi http server mystery...please help

Paul Boddie paul at
Fri Dec 2 13:57:29 EST 2005

joj... at wrote:
> The server runs fast when one computer is the server, but slow when the
> other computer is the server.
> How can this be, given that this asymmetry does not exist when both
> computers are wired.

Probably because the way your wireless interfaces are configured may be
different from the way your wired interfaces are configured. Network
problems are hard enough to solve "on site" with full access to all the
necessary information - doing so with substantially less information in
a newsgroup thread is substantially more difficult.

With regard to my point about the "fairly simple HTTP server" that you
are using, if you choose to run whichever server such that you can see
it writing its log - for BaseHTTPServer this is easy since it just
writes its log to the terminal/console - then you might be able to see
where the delay occurs by putting logging statements in your program at
the start and end of its work. If your program seems to write its
finishing logging message and yet a long delay occurs before the server
writes something about where the request came from (and the browser
gets to see the output of your program), then you may well have a
problem with the way the server prepares its logging messages as I
described in my last message.


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