python coding contest

ZeD ZeD.est.Deus at
Tue Dec 27 13:08:39 CET 2005

Ciao, Shane Hathaway! Che stavi dicendo?

> I'm down to 133 characters (counted according to 'wc -c') on a single
> line.  It contains about 11 whitespace characters (depending on what you
> consider whitespace.)

$ wc -c
$ sed 's/ //g'|wc -c
(yeah, too much spaces, I think)

> It's way too tricky for my taste, but it's fun to 
> play anyway.  Has anyone done better so far?  Here's a hint on my
> strategy: the code contains three large integers. :-)

why using 3 longint is better than one?! Trying to "split" my BIG int in 3
just make my code longer...

ok, ok... I will wait the end of the contest... :)

Firma in costruzione

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