Eclipse best/good or bad IDE for Python?

gene tani gene.tani at
Sun Dec 4 20:09:59 EST 2005

Avizoa at wrote:
> Though I tried most the above listed IDEs, sticking with a few for
> awhile, I always find myself gravitating back to the one no one ever
> mentions: IDLE. It's simple, fast, and with multiple monitors the lack
> of tabs really isn't much of a problem.
> The biggest reason I've found myself using IDLE is the
> colorizing...I've found little support in other editors for builtins
> having their own color.

Do you mean keywords or modulenames/ classname that are builtin and
from stdlib?

colorization easily customized in Textmate, you can change color/
bold/italic /underlining of 32 categories of things (some not relevant
to python, and italics not really that useful)): Comments, keywords,
numers, user- defined constants, builtin consts, vars, strings, string
interpolation, preproc'r line, preproc'r directive, func/meth name,
class name, meth param, meth args, etc.

In komodo, you can choose text color/font size/bold/italics (but not
underline)for python for:bracebad, bracehighlite, classes, comments,
control chars, default, functions, identifiers, indent guides,
keywords,line numbers(?), numbers, operators, stderr/in/out, stringeol,

probably you can do similar things in vim,emacs,eclipse, wing, I
haven't checked.  Being able to bold/underline (Not relying solely on
color) means you use fewer colors.  Much easier on the eyes.

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