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Cameron Laird claird at
Thu Dec 1 21:08:02 CET 2005

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 <elbertlev at> wrote:
>Isaac Gouy wrote:
>> Which stated "Python is doing the heavy lifting with GMPY which is a
>> compiled C program with a Python wrapper" - but didn't seem to compare
>> that to GMPY with a Java wrapper?
>You are missing the main idea: Java is by design a general purpose
>programming language. That's why all "GMPYs" and alike are written in
>Java - now wrappers to C-libraries. Python, by design, is glue
I don't understand the sentence, "That's why all 'GMPYs' and alike ..."
Are you saying that reuse of code written in languages other than Java
is NOT important to Java?  I think that's a reasonable proposition; I'm
just having trouble following your paragraph.

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