Death to tuples!

bonono at bonono at
Fri Dec 2 06:00:50 CET 2005

Bengt Richter wrote:
> >>
> >> Because the empty list expression '[]' is evaluated when the
> >> expression containing it is executed.
> >
> >Again you are just stating the specific choice python has made.
> >Not why they made this choice.
> Why are you interested in the answer to this question? ;-) Do you want
> to write an accurate historical account, or are you expressing discomfort
> from having had to revise your mental model of other programming languages
> to fit Python? Or do you want to try to enhance Python in some way?

My WAG :

Because it is usually presented as "this is the best way" rather than
"this is the python way". For the former one, I think people would be
curious of why it is best(or better than other considered alternative),
as a learning excercise may be.

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