Microsoft's JavaScript doc's newfangled problem

Zif Zifud at
Sat Dec 24 13:48:05 CET 2005

Xah Lee wrote:
> sometimes in the last few months, apparently Microsoft made changes to
> their JavaScript documentation website:
> so that, one has to goddamn press the "expand" button to view the
> documentation, for every goddamn page.
> What the fuck is going on?

They are still using browser sniffing to determine what CSS to send to 
the browser (IE 5.2 gets 'ie4.css', Safari gets 'n6.css'.  Despite 
that, they deliver js files with hundreds (maybe thousands) of lines 
of code to browsers that can't execute them.  Why bother sniffing?

They are still using '<!-- -->' inside their style and script elements 
- ya gotta wonder who would visit a page about browser scripting using 
a browser that doesn't know what a script element is (and is probably 
more than 10 years old).

In a file called 'whidbey/script.js' they still use document.all 
without any fall back to getElementById. Isn't whidbey the code name 
for Visual Studio .NET 2005?  Does it use document.all exclusively?

The frame pages generate lots of errors, including really basic things 
like no doctype and unclosed tags in documents that pretend to be XML.


> WHAT THE FUCK is going on?
> Answer: Motherfucking incompetence has come alive.

Yes.  Their documentation for the Office XML standard runs to 1,900 
pages.  The documentation of their streaming media server and media 
player interfaces and formats was deemed utterly useless after being 
given 18 months to deliver same.

What did you expect?



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