ASD Project and python integration

GRios rios.gustavo at
Mon Dec 12 22:11:20 CET 2005

Hey folks,

some time ago i started searching the web for some tools i would like
to have at my disposal. I found some high quality examples, but there
was always something i disliked, for instance licensing terms.

Then i started my own one. I would like to share them with the
comunity. It is composed of a set of libraries and utilities.

For now i am starting with python programming and would like to have my
library embed into it. I believe, sincerely, the library delivers
special values like: correctness, portability and paramount

Since i have no knownledge on python internal, i wonder if there could
be someone, kindly enough, that would like to join efforts with me
towards such goals.

Here is a small description of some of the library facilities:

abf: high performance I/O routines
acd: an DJB CDB replacement
cdm: library for embeding acd database building facilities inside
afl: library for writing event record utilities
aat: O(log n) prioriy queue scheduler.
dht: dynamic extensible hashing (per-ake implementation), very
versatile, you can use it with any data structure you want.

One very important feature is that they are very, very small memory

If you think it is interesting, let me know. I would be very glad
joining efforts.

thanks in advance.

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