Guido at Google

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Fri Dec 23 00:19:04 CET 2005

[Greg Stein]
>>> Guido would acknowledge a query, but never announce it. That's not his
>>> style.

He's been very low-key about it, but did make an informal announcement
on the PSF-Members mailing list.

>>> This should have a positive impact on Python. His job description has a
>>> *very* significant portion of his time dedicated specifically to working on
>>> Python. (much more than his previous "one day a week" jobs have given
>>> him)

It's got to be better than getting one patch per year from him, trying
to fix threading on the ever-popular Open Source combination of HP-UX
on an Itanium chip <wink>.

[Jay Parlar]
>> Do you actually mean "working on Python", or did you mean "working WITH
>> Python"?

[Robert Kern]
> I'm pretty sure he means "working on Python."

While I'm not a professional Greg-channeller, in this case I can:  he
meant what he said.

> No one hires Guido and expects him not to work *with* Python most of the time.

Ask Guido how fond he is of Java these days ;-)

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