Still Loving Python

Luis M. Gonzalez luismgz at
Wed Dec 14 00:06:13 CET 2005

I just wanted to mention that, according to the latest news from
Ironpython's mailing list, an Ironpython plug-in for Visual Studio is
on the works. Read on:

Aaron Marten wrote:
> Hi Giles,
> 	I'm on the Visual Studio SDK team here at Microsoft. In
> co-operation with the IronPython team, we're currently working on
> integrating IronPython into Visual Studio as a sample to ship in our
> SDK. We've just released a CTP with the first version of this here:
> I also blogged a bit about the Dec CTP release of the Visual Studio
> here:
> Note that right now, the integration code is in an incomplete state,
> we do have the beginnings of a project system and language service
> working. Note that right now, the integration is only available as a
> preview sample in the Visual Studio SDK, so you'll have to agree to
> license to get the code.
> Thanks!
> 	Aaron Marten (Microsoft)

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