Python IDE (was: PythonWin troubleshooting)

limodou limodou at
Fri Dec 16 03:17:32 CET 2005

15 Dec 2005 18:03:27 -0800, Martin Miller <ggrp1.20.martineau at>:
> You might want to also to consider the Komodo IDE from ActiveState (the
> same company that produces ActivePython and hosts the ASPN Cookbook).
> This isn't an endorsement -- I have no experience with it --  but its
> feature set looks good  [see].
> If someone with actual experience using Komodo with Python is
> listening, I'd be very interested in hearing what you think of it or
> other alternatives (I plan on taking a look at PyScripter and any
> others I hear about).

Try NewEdit for a test.

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