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Sibylle Koczian Sibylle.Koczian at
Tue Dec 13 17:30:45 CET 2005

chuck schrieb:
> Sticking with 2.4.2 I reverted to win32 ext 204 and problems were the
> same or worse.  Then I uninstalled both, removed the dangling py*24.dll
> and then installed "ActivePython".  All the problems went
> away.
> I hate to go back to 2.3 cause there are some nice updates in the 2.4
> library that I'd like to have.  Time permitting I'll try other versions
> of various windows distributions and let you know the outcome.  I'd be
> interested in hearing more from other folks who may or may not be
> experiencing similar problems.
Windows XP SP2, Python 2.4.2, win32 extensions build 205, no problem 
whatsoever. I find this on the windows extensions homepage 

"MFC DLLs for Pythonwin
To run Pythonwin, you may need a copy of the Microsoft MFC DLLs.  You 
should only install these files if the install process tells you the DLL 
can not be found, or if Pythonwin fails to start due to this DLL missing.

     * For Python 2.3 the DLL is likely to already be installed - but if 
not, you can use mfc42.dll (995,383 bytes)
     * For Python 2.4, the DLL is likely to not be installed - you need 
mfc71.dll (1,060,864 bytes)

Download these files and save them to your Windows System32 directory."

The filenames are links for downloading.

If this doesn't help and nobody has better ideas: do you use PythonWin 
simply as your IDE? In that case, couldn't you return to Python 2.4.2 
and use IDLE instead of PythonWin? Doesn't print your scripts with 
syntax highlighting, which is a pity, but otherwise ok, I think.


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