Import path for unit tests

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Fri Dec 2 13:38:29 CET 2005

Howdy all,

My practice when writing unit tests for a project is to make 'test/'
subdirectories for each directory containing modules I want to test.

    +-- lib/
    |   +-- test/
    +-- data/
    +-- gui/
    |   +-- test/
    +-- server/
        +-- test/

This means that I need to use relative paths to import the subject
code into the unit test module.

    import unittest

    import sys
    import foomodule

    class Test_Foo(unittest.TestCase):
        # ...

This works, so long as the foomodule is *not* in the path before the
appended '..' directory. When writing unit tests for a development
version of a package that is already installed at an older version in
the Python path, this fails: the unit tests are not importing the
development version of foomodule.

What is the common idiom here? I can conceive of several possible ways
to get around it, all of which seem hackish to some degree.

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