Cut and paste an EPS file

Ben Caradoc-Davies ben at
Sat Dec 3 00:35:41 CET 2005

John Henry wrote:
> I am looking for a Python tookit that will enable me to cut section of
> a picture out from an EPS file and create another EPS file.
> I am using a proprietary package for doing certain engineering
> calculations.  It creates single page x-y line plots that has too much
> blank spaces around the plotted area located at the top 2/3 of the
> page.  I like to be  "cut" that white space out by extracting the image
> out and may be scale it up - while keeping the bottom 1/3 unchanged.
> Does anybody has any suggestions?

Hack the %%BoundingBox line in the EPS file. The importing application 
should honour this when determining the limits ofthe figure. See

and Google for more.

%%BoundingBox coordinates are integers and are in points.

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