sax.make_parser() segfaults

Frank Millman frank at
Thu Dec 1 15:53:06 CET 2005

Bernhard Herzog wrote:
> "Frank Millman" <frank at> writes:
> >> > If I call sax.make_parser() from the interpreter or from a stand-alone
> >> > program, it works fine on all machines, but in the following setup it
> >> > works correctly on MSW, but segfaults on both FC4 and RH9.
> [...]
> >> Progress report - I have narrowed it down to wxPython. I wrote small
> >> stand-alone programs, one using Twisted, one using wxPython. Twisted
> >> works fine, wxPython segfaults.
> Could this be the following python bug:
>    Bernhard
> --

The symptoms certainly look the same - thanks for this link.

It also fits in with my workaround, as someone commented 'if you import
pyexpat first, it looks fine', which is effectively what I am doing.

Many thanks for the response.


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