Problem with Lexical Scope

jslowery at jslowery at
Sat Dec 17 10:16:31 CET 2005

>>from functional import curry

>I'm not familiar with that module, but I wrote a byte-code-munging curry
>as a decorator that actually modified the decorated function to eliminate
>parameter(s) from the signature and preset the parameter values inside the code.
>I mention this because pure-python currying that I've seen typically creates a wrapper
>function that calls the original function, and slows things down with the extra calling
>instead of speeding things up, at least until some future version of python.
>Looks nice on the surface though.

Sounds very useful. Is this open source? All of the curry functions
I've seen in the wild use a wrapper as well. I don't care for this
either mainly because it hides away the function attributes and when I
use decorators on functions that mudge attributes, it doesn't work.

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