OO in Python? ^^

bruno at modulix onurb at xiludom.gro
Mon Dec 12 14:21:40 CET 2005

Mike Meyer wrote:
> Bruno Desthuilliers <bdesth.quelquechose at free.quelquepart.fr> writes:
>>> ^^ There is no functionality to check if a subclass correctly
>>>implements an inherited interface
>>I don't know of any language that provide such a thing. At least for
>>my definition of "correctly".
> Well, since your definition of "correclty" is uknown, I won't use
> it. 


My own definition of 'correctly' in this context would be about ensuring
that the implementation respects a given semantic.

But honestly, this was a somewhat trollish assertion, and I'm afraid
forgot to add a smiley here.

bruno desthuilliers
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