I want a Python Puppy !

Magnus Lycka lycka at carmen.se
Wed Dec 14 18:40:11 CET 2005

Claudio Grondi wrote:
> I have some trouble to understand how Python works 
> on it because it is not organized as on Windows (e.g. there is no [Lib] 
> directory under the [Python2.4] one)

I guess it's at /usr/lib/python2.4

It's Windows which is odd by the way... Linux is organized in a way
which is very similar to most other platforms where Python can be

> and I failed to start Idle (can't 
> access idlelib) after a longer time of searching for a  file to start 
> it. At least the Python command line runs when I type  \>python  in the 
> console window and some of the Tkinter examples run too.

I need more feedback to answer this. Doesn't it work to run this
from a terminal window?


> Compared to Suse installation DVD full packed with data, Ubuntu Linux is 
> limited to a CD - I don't have enough experience to tell if it good or 
> bad, but it seems, that Ubuntu supports less software packages then 
> Suse. Does it matter, when one has the option to install software by 
> compiling source code distributions?

If you use the normal hard disk install, you'll be able to get a lot
of software from the net, it you have an internet connection that can
deal with moderate software downloads.

> Currently Ubuntu is my favorite, because it seems to be at the moment 
> the only Linux distribution supporting already Python 2.4.2 out of the 
> box, so maybe it is worth to dig deeper into it for the purpose of 
> installing it on a harddrive. Anyone here who uses Ubuntu for developing 
> larger Python projects?

Well, I do my big projects at work, using mainly Red Hat, but I use
Ubuntu at home, and would prefer that here to if I had a choice.

> Probably I have much to try and learn before I can start on it and 
> succeed, so "I want a Python Puppy" is still open for beeing provided.

I'd try Ubuntu for a while...

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