ANN: Dao Language v.0.9.6-beta is release!

anthon at anthon at
Mon Dec 5 10:59:07 CET 2005

D H wrote:

> How is that a problem that some editors use 8 columns for tabs and
> others use less?  So what?
> A bigger problem I see is people using only 2 or 3 spaces for indenting.
>   That makes large amounts of code much less readable.  And of course it
> is a problem if you mix tabs and spaces at the beginning of the same line.
> Tabs are easier to type (one keystroke each) and lead to visually better
> results (greater indentation unless you like hitting 8 spaces for each
> indent level).

Where does that misconception that 2-3 spaces for indenting makes
things less readable come from? There was an article in Comm. of the
ACM on research into readability back in 1984 or so, that indicated 2-4
spaces has very similar readability and 8 spaces significantly less
than that. IIRC they took care of personal preferences/what one was
used to in the research. So disallowing tabs which could be set to 8
spaces (positions?) does make sense to me.
I switched from using 2 to using 4 spaces for Python recently, and the
big pain was to deal with lines that no longer fitted in 80 columns :-(

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