I want a Python Puppy !

Claudio Grondi claudio.grondi at freenet.de
Wed Dec 14 02:54:48 CET 2005

Paul Rubin wrote:
> Claudio Grondi <claudio.grondi at freenet.de> writes:
>>Currently Ubuntu is my favorite, because it seems to be at the moment
>>the only Linux distribution supporting already Python 2.4.2 out of the
> Are you seriously saying that whatever distro came out most recently
> (and therefore have the latest Python version) gets to be your
> favorite?  You're going to have to change favorites practically every
> week.

> I'm currently using Fedora Core 4 which comes with Python 2.4.1.  I
> won't exactly say FC4 is my favorite, but it's what I'm used to.  I've
> also been wanting to check out Ubuntu and Gentoo, but slight
> coincidences of the release schedule shouldn't be that big a deal in
> choosing between them.

I have currently no evidence at hand to present here, but I mean, that 
which Python version is distributed is not necessary depending on the 
release date of the Linux distribution.

Yes, I am seriously saying, that at the moment, the Linux distro which 
gives me Python 2.4.2 and compatibility with my current machine out of 
the box is what I will start with. Beeing a Linux greenhorn this is a 
very practical way to keep the decision process as short as possible. 
There are in my eyes some more reasons speaking for Ubuntu, but they are 
currently secondary and therefore not worth to mention.

Gentoo and Ubuntu address very different needs, so it should be quite 
easy to choose between them - as I understand it currently it is that 
way: if you are a Linux expert and want to tune your Linux distribution 
easily to own needs and machine go for Gentoo, if you like the idea of 
"Linux for Human Beings" and are ready to get involved go for Ubuntu.

I personally would be very happy to start with a Python Puppy Linux, 
because I love the idea to have all the applications I need available 
directly in RAM, but is seems that there is no distro which gives this 
out of the box to me and there is no support from Python experts for it 
as I conclude from (missing any really useful) postings to this thread 
up to now (except my own replies ;-).

Probably best would be to wait until PyPy or similar efforts result in a 
  Python Operating System with Tk GUI for Desktop and Idle as console, 
so that there will be no need to decide which OS to choose, but I don't 
like to wait that long.


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