Documentation suggestions

skip at skip at
Thu Dec 8 18:37:38 CET 2005

    amk> I wonder if the Internet chapter should be split into "HTTP/Web
    amk> Tools" (webbrowser, cgi, cgitb, httplib, urllib) and "Non-Web
    amk> Protocols" (ftplib, gopherlib, smtp, all the rest).

Note that cgitb works just fine in a non-web environment.  I would actually
prefer it be renamed ("fancytb"?) and then stuck wherever the traceback
module docs go.

    >> \input{distutils}

    amk> Distutils should probably be in Program Frameworks.  Or it could just
    amk> have a chapter of its own, or maybe there are enough modules for an
    amk> "Application Support" chapter.

There are currently 46 module index entries for the various parts of
distutils.  I think it would be helpful to reduce that number a bit...


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