ANN: pygene - genetic algorithms package

Erik Max Francis max at
Tue Dec 6 08:45:30 CET 2005

aum wrote:

> I looked at a few genetic algorithms/genetic programming packages for
> Python, and found them somewhat convoluted, complicated and
> counter-intuitive to use.
> So I've written a genetic algorithms package which I hope will be more
> approachable to beginners.
> The first release of pygene is up at:
> The package includes full api documentation, and an implementation of
> the travelling salesman problem, plus a couple of simpler cases.

I only scanned through the API documentation, but it looks like only 
genetic algorithms are supported, not full genetic programming.  Is this 
not the case?

I've been planning on releasing my stack-based genetic programming 
system Psi (implemented in Python) at some point in the future, FYI.

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