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bruno at modulix onurb at xiludom.gro
Fri Dec 16 11:21:28 CET 2005

Adrian Holovaty wrote:
> bruno at modulix wrote:
>>RoR is not an IDE, it's a web framework. The closest things in Python
>>are TurboGears (good Ajax/js support via Mochikit), Subway (never
>>tested), and Django (no Ajax support AFAIK).
> Note that "no Ajax support" is misleading. Of course you can use Ajax
> with Django, just as you can use it with *any* Web framework. That's
> because Ajax is a browser-side technology (JavaScript), not a
> server-side technology (Python). Django is just as capable of producing
> JavaScript as it is of producing (X)HTML or whatever else.
> Hope that clears things up!

Adrian, what you describe here is *exactly* what I call "no Ajax
support": you have to handle the whole thing manually, the framework
doesn't provide anything by itself. Would you say the CGI module offers
support for templating, data persistance and Ajax as well ?-)

And BTW, Ajax is not a client-side techno, it's a combination of client
*and* server-side technos. TurboGears support Ajax (well, a variant of,
since it's based on JSON, not XML) by having a pretty good, JSON aware
javascript lib (mochikit) for the client side *and* an OOTB JSON
serialization on the server side.

Hope that clears things up !-)

(PS : please, let's not start a Django-vs-TurboGears war, the
Ruby-Python pissing context is enough of a PITA)

bruno desthuilliers
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