ANN: Dao Language v.0.9.6-beta is release!

D H x at y.z
Fri Dec 9 09:59:44 CET 2005

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Zeljko Vrba wrote:
>>But look at the following example:
>>if a:
>>  some_code1
>>if b:
>>  some_code2
>>If I accidentaly delete if b:, then some_code2 gets under the if a: which is
>>not intended.
> not to mention that if you have
>     if a:
>         some_code1
>         some_code2
> and accidentally remove some_code2, it won't be executed at all !
> do you often remove code by accident?  is this some vi-specific problem ?

If you had bothered to read the context he was merely showing an example
to prove that this is not entirely true:
"Making a mistake in indentation level is precisely analogous to leaving 
out markers in other languages."

He was not suggesting that this is some affliction that he suffers, as 
you are suggesting.

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