Eclipse best/good or bad IDE for Python?

malv malvert at
Sun Dec 4 18:04:33 CET 2005

This is probably a fair answer.
My experience: Two years ago I started with Boa till I discovered eric.
I have been with eric ever since. Eric uses Qt as GUI. I think both Qt
and wx enable you to do pretty much the same thing. I like the work
F.Lundh did on Tkinter, but every time I try, I get bogged down in the
tcl mess that it builds on. Take the example of the indispensible
datagrid: a piece of cake in both Qt and wxWidgets, a nightmare

Since a couple of weeks I made the tour of wing-ide, komodo and PyDev.
PyDev appears really to be a top heavy kludge. Perhaps OK for java
lovers but very laborious to set up and work with, this in spite of the
abundant hype & spam on this board. Wing-ide's debugger stops on
imagined errors where eric and komodo do allright. I could not get the
designer to run on komodo. So I'm back at eric. On eric you use the
superb Qt designer. If you run linux, you get Qt and PyQt with KDE. You
can keep on running gnome if you want. For windows, Qt4 is supposed to
be free. Further, very extensive and attractive extensions exist: qwt
and qwt3d for graphics.

This is my experience. If I find better, I'll change.

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