Python packages on OS X vs Windows

Kenneth McDonald kenneth.m.mcdonald at
Thu Dec 15 07:16:14 CET 2005

I've often found the Linux world to be like falling off a log,
specifically, a log above a deep chasm with sharp rocks
at the bottom :-)

Linux has its place (though I tended to use FreeBSD more),
but it's been several years since I've wanted to actually know
how to manage my own system. I'd suggest that the variety of
distribution/installation schemes that have been developed
for these systems indicate that software installation is _not_
that easy to do on them.

IMHO, any installation procedure that requires the user to
compile a piece of software is fundamentally broken; the
compilation step is part of the software development process,
and should be done at the source, so that compilation/linking/make/etc.
bugs can be handled there. Hence my question about installing
Python-related packages on Windows (in spite of all of my other
dislikes of Windows, which are numerous).

On 14-Dec-05, at 9:16 PM, Dan Sommers wrote:

>> On the other hand, it seems like most of this stuff is just available
>> as installers for PCs.  Am I being naive to think that  
>> installation of
>> most of this stuff (including getting it working) will be much easier
>> in the PC world?
> It can be like falling off a log in the Linux world.

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