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Sat Dec 10 00:10:53 CET 2005

Trent Mick <trentm at> writes:
> [skip at wrote]
>>     Trent> Nah, the Try Ruby thing is mostly faking it (I believe) rather
>>     Trent> than running an actually Ruby interactive session ("bastion'ed"
>>     Trent> or not).
>> I don't think so.  I tried typing some stuff at the prompt that it wasn't
>> asking for, like "x = [1,2,3]" followed by "x * 5" when it was asking me to
>> type "2 + 6".  It evaluated both properly as far as I could tell.  
> Yah. My guess at what he is doing (and the way I'd probably do this for
> Python) is to compile each statement, only allow certain constructs
> (like assigning to a variable, defining literals, basic operator usage,
> maybe some control flow statements -- although I didn't get that far)
> and then execute those.

I'm working on puttingn this up for Python. I'm planning on using AJAX
to pass the input string to eval on the server. I.e. - you'll be
limited to expressions, which is what it seems like the Ruby thing is
limited to.

On the other hand, with iterators, generators and list comprehensions,
you can do quite a lot with eval.

If anyone else is contemplating putting up something like this, let me
know so we can avoijd duplicating the effort.

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