debian and python--any potential pitfalls?

Brian van den Broek broek at
Mon Dec 19 00:48:52 EST 2005

Hi all,

I know that this is something for which I could (keep) STFW, but I'm 
mostly ignorant of the subject area and under a bit of a deadline. So 
I hope people won't mind if I truncate my search and ask here.

I've tried solo and failed a few times to install various Linux 
distros on Intel x86 laptops. (The software modem was always the 
sticking point.) A recent acquaintance has volunteered to guide me 
through an install tomorrow. He's a Debian fellow. I'm not in a 
position to have any preferences, so am inclined to follow his distro 

The only area of computing in which I am interested and with which 
he's unfamiliar is Python. He suggested I try to find out if there are 
any potential issues with Debian stable and Python.

Not knowing much about the details of linux and less about Debian, my 
googling hasn't yielded much that settles things. I have found out 
that stable ships with 2.3.5. I imagine it should be straightforward 
to upgrade to 2.4.2. Am I correct? Any other Debian/Python issues I 
should know about?

If it matters, the laptop is fairly new (6 months) but wasn't 
screaming when new, either.

Thanks bunches,

Brian vdB

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