Still Loving Python

Daniel Crespo dcrespo at
Wed Dec 14 14:48:42 CET 2005

Lawrence Oluyede wrote:

> ps. the customer wants Windows as a platform, we develop on Linux using
> PyGTK, postgre and sql server for some old data. This is the true power of
> cross-platform :)

PyGTK is crossplatform, that's true, but it looks very ugly under
Windows and don't know under MacOS (if it's supported). I couldn't find
the way for get it running with an atractive look & feel under Windows
after compiling it. Also, it needs the GTK+ Runtime Environment. I use
wxPython and it is very very very very good. It's not perfect, but IMO,
it is much better than PyGTK. PyGTK is good if you intend to develop
for Linux.


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