Which Python web framework is most like Ruby on Rails?

Paul Rubin http
Tue Dec 20 23:24:46 EST 2005

Kent Johnson <kent at kentsjohnson.com> writes:
> You've lost me here. The server certainly would contain Karrigell
> code, it wouldn't function without it. I don't understand the analogy
> to GCC, the web site is not something that is compiled with
> Karrigell. Karrigell is a library or framework that is an essential
> part of the server. I don't know how I would write the app without
> Karrigell.

Let me ask it this way: suppose you used ASP instead.  As I understand
ASP, it's like PHP except it's proprietary.  Would ASP's license be a

Maybe you're using "the server" to encompass too much.  If I have an
Apache-based web site, then the web server is Apache.  If I have a
Python CGI script that the Apache server runs, the CGI script is not
"the server"--it's an application running under the server.  It would
not be affected by the GPL if Apache used the GPL.  Karrigell scripts
seem to me to work out about the same way.

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