Still Loving Python

Daniel Crespo dcrespo at
Wed Dec 14 17:21:30 CET 2005

> So wxPython doesn't need a runtime? I don't think so.  wxPython for me
> sucks under Linux (built on gtk2) and I don't like its API at all. It
> seems a bit awkward to me. Anyway... what do you mean with "much better" ?

It's much better:
- Its portability is superior over PyGTK
- Its look & feel is superior over PyGTK (except in Linux)

Under windows, only needs some dlls (they are its runtime), and works
perfect. The same exe works on Win98, ME, 2000, XP. Of course that
there are some differences between these OSs.

I tried both a lot, and I stay with wxPython :)

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