ActivePython and Amara

James fphsml at
Tue Dec 13 10:47:01 CET 2005

  Profanity is unwelcome in this newsgroup. Alex's advice is very well
placed and you will realize that once you stop seeing it as a personal
attack. Different newsgroups have different attitudes. comp.lang.python
is not exactly a tech support group. Bug reports posters here are
frequently advised to go to the respective module forums. You were not
singled out.

  A large number of contributors to this group are well educated
professionals and strong contributors to Python. If you expect
responses, you must behave accordingly. If you cannot, you will have to
find a group where such culture is better tolerated, like IRC. And your
post is better suited for IRC to begin with as you seem to be needing a
number of clarifications at a time. Not to mention your impatience.
IRC, once again is more real time for you.

  And for the last time... your problem is not ActivePython related.
>From what has been established so far, it is a bug in the build of the
Win32 binary installer of the module for your Python version.

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