PythonMagick on Windows

Claudio Grondi claudio.grondi at
Mon Dec 5 19:38:33 CET 2005

Adam Endicott wrote:
> Does anyone know anything about PythonMagick? I've got a project that
> could use ImageMagick, so I went looking around for PythonMagick, and
> I'm a bit lost.
> I was able to download the PythonMagick source from the ImageMagick
> site, but I'm on Windows and don't have the ability to compile it. I
> found reference to a windows installer for PythonMagick on the wxPython
> wiki, but the links take me to, which seems to have
> abandoned the project (at least I couldn't find anything to download).
> So what's the state of this project?
> Actually, I'm wondering if I would gain anything by using PythonMagick
> anyway. I'm going to be distributing a py2exe created executable that
> needs to do some image manipulation. Would I still need ImageMagick
> seperately installed on the client machine to use PythonMagick anyway?
> Or could it all be self contained? If I'd need to install ImageMagick
> on client machines anyway, I guess I can just use the commandline
> interface to ImageMagick from Python.
> Thoughts/suggestions?
Why is PIL *(Python Image Library) not suitable to do the graphics?


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