Python IDE (was: PythonWin troubleshooting)

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Wed Dec 21 03:45:15 CET 2005

[chuck wrote]
> What is Komodo written in?

Komodo is based on the Mozilla framework, so in many ways it is similar
to Firefox and Thunderbird. Komodo also includes PyXPCOM -- Python
bindings to Mozilla's XPCOM (cross-platform component object model)
system for componentizing parts of the framework -- so that we can
develop core Komodo logic in Python. As with any Mozilla-based app, the
UI is written in XUL (XML-based UI Language) and JavaScript. Where it
makes sense Komodo includes bits written in Perl and Tcl (also have some
PHP extension C code): for code browsing and debugging. So, Komodo is
written in: XML, JavaScript, C++, Python, CSS, C, Perl, and Tcl.


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