IRC sockets and queries

David Wahler dwahler at
Fri Dec 30 14:17:24 CET 2005

Jay wrote:
> ok have this program and i set a socket 2  connect to the i
> can chat on the channels and stuff. my question is how would i go about
> set a socket directly 2 an individual query?

The last part of this paragraph is completely incomprehensible.

> my program is right here...

Ah, thank you. Now I can see what you're trying to accomplish:

>if sys.platform == 'linux':
>    print "Cant run on a gay linux box!"
>    print "Get windows! XP or new... Vista!"
>    sys.exit

Not only is this obnoxious, it doesn't even work.

>    def dccpopuper(self):
>        """Kill everyone with 30 pop ups requesting a dcc chat"""
>        try:
>            for number in range(31):
>                self.irc.send("DCC CHAT" + self.CHANNEL+"\r\n")
>                irc.generateNICK()
>                time.sleep(5)
>                print number*10
>        except:
>            print "I know u want 2 kill them but connect first"

Not only is this _extremely_ obnoxious, but it doesn't even work. Don't
expect any help from me.

-- David

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