XML and namespaces

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Wed Dec 7 10:30:58 CET 2005

Alan Kennedy wrote:

> [Fredrik Lundh]
> > but isn't libxml2dom just a binding for libxml2?  as I mention above, I had libxml2
> > in mind when I wrote "widely used", not the libxml2dom binding itself.
> No, libxml2dom is Paul Boddie's DOM API compatibility layer on top of
> the cpython bindings for libxml2.

So a binding that just passes things through to another binding is not
a binding?  Alright, let's call it a compatibility layer then.

> > but libxml2 is also widely used, so we have at least two ways to
> > interpret the spec.
> Don't confuse libxml2dom with libxml2.

As Paul has said several times, libxml2dom is just a thin API compatibility
layer on top of libxml2.  It's libxml2 that does all the work, and the libxml2
authors claim that libxml2 implements the DOM level 2 document model,
but with a different API.

Maybe they're wrong, but wasn't the whole point of this subthread that
different developers have interpreted the specification in different ways ?


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