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Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Wed Dec 21 08:57:46 CET 2005

Kent Johnson wrote:
> Luis M. Gonzalez wrote:
>>I don't think Pierre (Karrigell's creator) is awared of licenses and
>>legal issues.
>>Perhaps you can tell us what's the problem with GPL and, if possible,
>>propose an alternative...
> OK I'll try. First let me say I have no interest in a licensing flame war, there are valid 
> reasons why an author might prefer one license over another and certainly there are good 
> reasons to choose GPL. However the work I do is commercial and proprietary and I doubt I 
> could get approval to release it under GPL. So I am restricted to projects with more 
> liberal licenses such as MIT, BSD and Apache licenses. These allow closed-source 
> distribution of products based on them.
I see the GPL is a problem in this environment, and you are clearly 
aware of the issues it raises. Do be aware, though, that not all GPL 
authors are rabid communists, and some will consider licensing to you 
under other licenses if you ask them. It's always worth asking, as some 
authors have chosen GPL in a somewhat uninformed way rather than as a 
political statement (you'll notice I too am trying to avoid the flame wars).

> Certainly it is within an author's rights to prohibit use of his code in closed source 
> products, as the author of Karrigell has done by choosing GPL and I respect this decision. 
> Unfortunately this makes it impossible for me to consider using Karrigell in my work. I 
> recently needed a stand-alone web server for a small in-house project that might possibly 
> be distributed to business partners or become a product some day. I chose CherryPy in part 
> because its license allows this. I would have considered Karrigell if it had a different 
> license.

As we say in Yorkshire, "You get nowt if you don't ask".

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